SEM Income Fund

The Fund The SEM Income Fund Fund, an open-end mutual fund, was established on the 25th day of March 2015 with an unlimited duration. The Fund will invest in fixed income securities issued by the Government of Ghana, other Ghanaian corporate entities, Bank of Ghana licensed banks and non-bank financial institutions and equities listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange.
Initial Minimum Purchase 200 shares and thereafter in multiples of 100 shares under the IPO
Investment Objective and Policy The scheme endeavours to protect the capital invested through focused investments in debt and money market instruments as well as equity while at the same time protecting the steady flow of income to investors. Under normal circumstances, 80 - 100% of the FundÕs assets will be invested in fixed income securities and up to 20% in equities.
The Custodian Ecobank Ghana Ltd.
The Fund Manager SEM Capital Advisors Limited, an SEC-Licensed Investment Advisor
Regular Investment Purchases The minimum investment value is set at GH¢ 50.
Dividends and Distribution No dividends shall be paid out to investors. All net investment income and realized capital gains, if any, will be reinvested. Any investor who wishes to cash out his/her investment may redeem their shares as permitted by the Fund.
Redemption Shares of the Fund can be redeemed by applying in person at the offices of the Manager or in writing to the Manager on every business day except on public and statutory holidays.
Base Currency The base currency of the Fund is the Ghana Cedi.
Risk Factors The Fund is a newly organized Fund that will invest in fixed income and equity securities. Investments of the Fund will be subject to normal market fluctuations. Investments in securities carry certain risks associated with greater economic uncertainty, small size of markets and greater price volatility.
Prospectus Download SEM Income Fund Prospectus