Managed Institutional Accounts

Management of institutional funds for private and public organizations

Why SEM?

  • SEM has a very strong expertise in making sound and prudent investment decisions from tracking activities on the capital markets and through solid financial and economic research.
  • SEM provides efficient , accurate and timely reporting on fund returns and transactions. This enables Trustees to better monitor the performance of the provident fund.
  • Short turnaround time for withdrawal requests.
  • Free training for Board of Trustees and clients to enable them monitor portfolio performance.
  • Assistance in the drafting of Trust Deed, Investment Policy and Investment Management Agreement.

Our Track Record

  • Proven track record with close to 15 years industry experience managing funds for clients
  • One of five (5) fund managers selected by the Pensions Authority to administer Temporary Tier II account
  • Management of institutional funds for high profile private and public organizations
  • Expertise in fund accounting and administration
  • Superior state-of-the-art investment management software


+233 (0)30 2235400



For Provident, Welfare and Endowment Funds, the key documents are:

  • Trust Deed
  • Investment Policy
  • Investment Management Agreement
  • Application Form

SEM will provide the needed assistance for the drafting of these documents