Institutional Products

Pension Funds

SEM Capital is licensed by the National Pensions Regulatory Authority to managed Tier 2 and 3 pension funds. We work together with licensed NPRA trustees with the ultimate goal of achieving optimal returns so that our clients can enjoy a comfortable pension when they retire.

Provident Funds

We provide fund management services for institutions with provident funds. We also assist institutions who want to convert existing investment and saving schemes into provident funds. For provident funds, our services include investment advisory, fund administration and free training for the trustee’s of the fund. Through prudent investment strategies and within acceptable risk limits, we seek to maximize the returns to the beneficiaries of the fund.

Trust Funds

We are fully aware of the intricacies involved in designing and managing trusts and trust funds. Our highly experienced investment advisory team is on hand to help you design a trust that best suits your needs. We provide investment management and custodial services for both individual and corporate trusts. We also provide trust administration services.

Endowment Funds

Endowments are permanent funds created for the benefit of an institution such a university, a museum or other non-profit organization. In most cases, endowments are set up to be enduring from one generation to another. For endowments, in addition to our investment advisory and fund management services, we also provide consultancy services to institutions in the area of drafting the various management policy and legal documents needed to set up an endowment fund. We provide complimentary training services to the administrators of endowments where necessary.


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